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Wisdom from the World
Words to live by from wise teachers from many paths
There are many teachers with words of wisdom. Bob Duggan, the founder of Tai Sophia Institute where I trained; the two Western doctors who write the"You" column that runs in many papers, and many others. I've got a huge collection of words of wisdom that I keep. I've listed a few here.
I subscribe to the YOU docs blog, at http://www.realage.com/blogs/doctor-oz-roizen/. They offer great tips for healthy living and daily doses of wisdom.
Bob Duggan has written a book on that brims with common sense wisdom from Chinese Medicine: Common Sense for the Healing Arts

Dr. Mark Hyman, who has a Facebook page and a website, is an excellent functional medicine doctor who has an approach to eating and food that gives superb healthy results.

Notable Words of Wisdom
-Healthy behaviors turn on cancer suppressing genes and turn off cancer promoting genes. Biology is not destiny.
--YOU doctors

-Exercise shouldn't be something that we're "making time" for. It should be a daily given, like sleep or eating. 
--Dr. David Katz, Yale University School of Medicine

-It's a lot easier not to develop problems than it is to cure them. 
-Dr. Michael Weitzman, Langone Medical Center, NYU .....(Ain't that the truth in all aspects of life!!!)

-I choose my attitude. I can't control situations, but I can control my response to them.
--Bob Duggan, President Emeritus, Acupuncturist, Tai Sophia Institute
-In the face of upset, take effective action or let it go. 
--Bob Duggan
-Life is about possibility. 
--Diane Connelly, Co-founder, TAI Sophia Institute, Acupuncturist
- No one can upset me unless I allow them to. 
--Bob Duggan and Diane Connelly


Pain is there for a reason. Don't get rid of it; use it as a teacher. 
--Bob Duggan and Diane Connelly

And the last word from that ancient master of the Force:
--Try not! Do, or do not. There is no try.  
--Yoda, in The Empire Strikes Back

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