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What I Treat, What to Expect
I treat everything. Treating your body, mind and spirit to restore wellness and balance will make you feel better. Your body does not have symptoms for no reason. Because acupuncture is about bringing things into balance, it's good for everything. It will also make you feel calmer, more peaceful, more able to handle whatever is going on, and that ALWAYS makes any issue feel better.
While I am a general practitioner, I have areas of specialized training. 
I have specialized training in: 

(PCOS, unexplained, irregular cycles, IVF support, men's)

Pain (any kind, esp back, neck, shoulder, joint, mobility issues)


Women's issues 
(PMS, irregular/painful cycles, menopause)

Headaches and migraines



Sports injuries/trauma (acupuncture is SUPERB for sports injuries and car accident trauma)

Fatigue (including CFS/Fibromyalgia)

Digestive issues (reflux, stomach ache, loose bowels, constipation)

I love treating "weird" stuff: hyperhydrosis, mercury poisoning, patients that don't want to take medication, any strange or unusual symptoms that leave western medical doctors baffled. Acupuncture can often address these issues because I look at the whole body, and the "weird" symptom makes sense within the context of your whole self!
What to Expect

Wellness requires the courage to change what is making you sick.

The needles don't hurt, and you feel better.
Part of what makes my treatments different from what other acupuncturists in LV do is that I spend time counseling my patients on nutrition, lifestyle, exercise/stretches to help create wellness. It makes no sense for you to come in to get treated for something that is being caused by lifestyle choices, or incorrect posture, or responses to stress, and expect to get better just from acupuncture. I spend one hour with you out of the 168 you have every week. If you are sitting at your computer desk wrong and it creates neck pain, if we don't address how you are sitting at the computer, the pain will never truly get better! This is true for every condition that my patients have. When you learn what is making you sick and are learn what you need to do to change it, you will feel better. Acupuncture opens the door to wellness, and provides a path to wellness that you walk through! That is why initial appointments are two hours: the first hour for a health history and counseling, and the second hour for a treatment. 
My patients report that the lifestyle counseling is one of the most valuable services that I provide, because it puts them in charge of their well-being!
The first appointment will take 2 hours. I will take a comprehensive health, emotional, and physical history for the first hour, give recommendations for lifestyle changes you can make to support your health, and you have your first acupuncture treatment for the second hour.  
Chinese herbs can be an important part of the healing process. They speed healing and reduce the number of visits you will need because they are formulated specifically for you and your condition. Herbs generally cost $18-25/week. The herbs are not a forever thing; as you heal, we reduce the dosage until you no longer need them. 
Payment is due at time of service. I do not bill insurance; however, the receipt I give you has all the information you need to file a claim if your insurance company will cover acupuncture treatments. Please check with your plan to understand what they cover. 
I ask my patients to plan on 4 once a week sessions, and then we space out the treatments depending on how you are responding to the treatments. In my experience, by having a weekly treatment for four weeks, you will notice improvement faster.
My goal is to help you help yourself, so you can live a life that is full of ease and truly thrive.
The needles are one-time use, disposable, sterile needles. There is no risk of transmission of any disease. They might pinch or tingle, but they rarely hurt. They are nothing like the needles doctors use!

You will leave feeling better, and with a whole new set of tools and ways to change your lifestyle so your healing will create a life of wellness. 

Dr Lisa Grant, OMD    

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