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Acupuncture is truly amazing! I highly recommend Dr. Mathews to those who remain skeptical about the healing power of acupuncture. Most importantly, Dr. Mathews delivers outstanding patient care and is committed to your well being; she listens, with genuine intent, to your personal needs and concerns. She ask detailed questions to key in on problem areas concerning "your" overall wellness. In addition, her skills and techniques are extremely gentle. Dr. Mathews talent and caring personality is hard to find. 

Since receiving treatments, and following her recommends, regarding diet, exercise, and lifestyle, I feel a sense of clarity, calm, focus and relief of tension and symptoms related to stress. I feel more calm, full of energy, and feel as if I'm not so much in a hurry or otherwise anxious. As an executive professional - the healing benefits continue enhancing overall job performance.--J. Reszetar


I've been seeing Dr. Lisa Mathews of Spring Mountains Acupuncture for about 2 months and she has changed my life! I first called her in the spring of 2014 when I was suffering from ulcerative colitis... and I mean SUFFERING. Never have I experienced such pain, shock, and trauma. I didn't know where to turn.

I had been in and out of doctors offices, both eastern and western, and was struggling to find my treatment. Dr. Mathews was, unfortunately, booked solid for a few months and couldn't see me. However, she spent close to an hour on the phone with me, treating me with care and attention that no other doctor had given me. I just knew that she was brought into my life for a reason.

I happily joined her waiting list. I continued to see other doctors and an acupuncturist, until my number was called. My first session was miraculous. I don't mean to sound overly dramatic, but you know when you just connect with someone? This connection came at the right time. I was in so much pain physically, and it completely drained me mentally as well. I felt like I was diving down a mysterious, dark whole, and no one knew how to help.

Moments into that first session with Dr. Mathews, I knew I was in the right hands. She was genuinely attentive and really cared about my well being. I felt like her only patient, she was fully in the moment with me. I've seen her several times since that first meeting (and so has my wife) and have immeasurably improved my health, strength, and vitality! I'm a better person today then I was when I first walked through those doors. Thank you, Dr. Mathews! -M. Coxen


After trying to conceive for a year, my husband and I decided we wanted to try some alternative methods before beginning medical infertility treatment. I found Lisa online and once I read her website I knew she was the right person for us. During our very first phone call, she spent nearly 30 minutes on the phone with me providing suggestions to start trying before we came in for our first visit a few weeks later. I was so impressed that she took time out of her day to speak with me in detail before I ever stepped foot in her office, met her in person or paid her a dime.

During our very first visit, she spent over two hours with us combing through all of our medical history and previous infertility tests. Lisa encouraged us to think of our treatment as "starting over" from month one. Although this was extremely difficult to conceptualize at first, I am sure glad we listened to her. Originally we only planned on doing 3 months of treatment but I was starting to feel so much better emotionally that we kept pushing back our deadline to start treatments with a reproductive endocrinologist. I came in to see Lisa 3 times a month for about 5 months and took the Chinese herbs she recommended in combination with the acupuncture treatments. Literally, a few weeks after our final acupuncture treatment, I received a positive pregnancy test much to my shock! I couldn't believe it and I have no doubt that my treatment with Lisa was a major contributing factor! Lisa truly cares about her clients and it was always a pleasure to go in to see her. She made me feel like I was a friend and not just a client and we are forever grateful for the beautiful gift she has helped us create. I would definitely recommend that anyone struggling with conception contact Lisa!--C. Lorraine


I went to Lisa for acupuncture after trying to conceive for over a year. She was very detailed and empathetic each time I met her and is genuinely concerned about the wellbeing of her patients. I am glad I waited to get treatment from her even though the waiting them was a few weeks after I first called her. The treatment finally helped me and 5 months later I am pregnant and happy. I would strongly recommend Lisa to anyone looking to benefit from acupuncture. Thanks Lisa!!--D.S.

I have to spread the news about Lisa. I came to see her after being under a lot of stress being a full time mom. I've been seeing Lisa for about 6 months now. Each treatment was a therapy session for myself. She's nurturing and emotionally available to help discuss my troubles next to doing a great job at alleviating my stomach bug problems, stress, etc...I chose to give up my monthly massages for this and it has been instrumental in my well-being. 

Like the other reviewer said, her office is clean and extremely comfortable. I had spoken to 3 other acupuncturists in Vegas before making the decision to see Lisa. Actually, it was a no-brainer because she listens and her practices just makes sense. 

I will miss her when I move but I am glad I found her! Definitely talk to her about essential oils as therapy/treatment, too. An innovative take on hollistic medicine!--N.Johnson.

Dr Lisa Grant, OMD    

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