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How To Stay Well
We all live busy lives, and the knocks, disappointments and stress take their toll. Want to know how to stay well? The knowledge is simple and easy; it's implementing the following changes that is hard. My question to you is: is living longer, well, worth the effort that implementing these changes takes?
Yes, it's hard. But the right choice often is.
Do I live like this? Mostly, and I fall off the wagon a lot, and get back on. You only have one body. Take care of it.  
-Eat healthy.
    What does this mean? Lots of colorful, unprocessed food. My rule of thumb is: If you can't pronounce it, don't eat it. Your body won't know what to do with it. Fruit, veggies, whole grains, natural meats. Shop the farmer's market (see Loving Life in LV), shop on the outside isles at the supermarket (avoid packaged food), put lots of food with lots of color on your plate!
    Walk. Weightlift. Dance, do yoga.The main elements you are looking for are strength, endurance, and flexibility. Pilates are good for core strength and helps back pain. Yoga and dance for flexibility, weightlifing for strength. Aerobic exercise like walking, dancing, running/jogging (be careful of injuries!), biking, swimming.
    Park your car farther away from the entrance. Walk your dog once a day. Take a break at work and walk around the building a few times, or inside the corridors.
   Exercise also helps relieve stress, which damages all sorts of things in your body. Exercise keeps stress from landing in your body.
   ANY movement is good. It moves qi, it moves your body, it will help!
   7-9 hours a night. It has been proven that lack of sleep makes any and all symptoms worse. Period. Sleep is the cure-all. If you have problems sleeping, fix the sleep problem and other problems will get better.
    Go outside, breathe deep, feel energized. If you are experiencing pain, breathe deep, and direct your breath into the area where the pain is. Oxygen is necessary for so many body functions, and it helps optimize body functions. It's also a great stress reliever. If you feel stressed, take a 30 seconds and breathe. You'll drop your significantly drop stress levels.  
   This one is hard. I don't like meditating, so I prefer doing moving meditation through yoga. Tai Chi is good, too. There are many good tapes that do guided meditation also.
-Practice Gratitude.
    Be thankful for the good things that you have in life. A good site to start learning this: http://www.breakoutofthebox.com/mindfulnessgratitude.htm
Simple things to keep healthy, and that helps lead to wellness.

Dr Lisa Grant, OMD    

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