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Fertility Programs
It takes 90 days to create healthy, strong eggs. Fertility Acupuncture can improve egg and sperm quality and can double the success rate of an IVF cycle. I've created two two programs to help you increase your IVF cycle success. The 90 Day Fertility Reset Program is the most comprehensive, and ensures that you start your IVF cycle with maximal egg and sperm health. The IVF Cycle Fertility Boost Program is for couples who have already started the IVF process. It will improve your response to the stim meds and manage the side effects. 

90 Day Fertility Reset Program
The follicles that you produce during a stim cycle have been developing for 90 days. To ensure maximal follicle and egg health, a program that starts 90 days before retrieval is the most effective. Optimal nutrition and supplements are important to increase the health of eggs and sperm. Furthermore, stress reduction, improved blood flow and hormonal regulation are key to increasing cycle success. The 90 Day Fertility Reset program is designed to maximize health, minimize stress, improve egg quality and increase cycle success rates. The program includes acupuncture, Chinese herbs for fertility, personalized nutritional and supplement counseling, stress management tools, a 3 hour fertility workshop, emotional support, and unlimited text support during the program and stim cycle.  

IVF Cycle Fertility Boost Program
This program is designed for couples who have started their IVF stim meds. Improving your response to the stim meds, decreasing stress and improving blood flow to the follicles improves cycle outcomes. The IVF Cycle Fertility Boost Program is designed to decrease the stress and improve your body’s ability to respond to the medications that stimulate follicle and egg production. It also minimizes the side effects of the medications.  Acupuncture, a short session on beneficial supplements, stress management tools and unlimited text support are included. Please call for an initial consultation and pricing.

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