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Reasons to Try 5 Element Acupuncture
1. Acupuncture can relieve pain and get things moving again: physical pain, emotional pain, spiritual pain. If it hurts, acupuncture can help. If it's stuck, or not happening the way you want it, acupuncture can help. 
2. Acupuncture strengthens the whole you: even things that didn’t feel “off” will feel better. You won’t just be alive, you’ll thrive.
3. Acupuncture can resolve fertility and period issues: PCOS, painful periods, reduced ovarian reserve, low egg quality, high FSH, irregular periods, annovulation, endometriosis, luteal phase defect, reduced sperm count and quality, unknown infertility: these are all diagnoses that acupuncture and Chinese medicine can correct. 
4. The stresses of everyday life can make you feel stuck. These stresses can show up as illness of any sort. Acupuncture can lift that stress from you and give you that lightness of being that has been missing for so long. And I give you simple practices to keep that lightness of being intact even after you leave the treatment.
5. Remember how exciting and interesting the world was when you were a kid?  Remember how the world was full of possibility? Acupuncture can help you to love life, feel well, and be yourself again. 


Acupuncture is relaxing and reduces pain, stress.

Dr Lisa Grant, OMD    

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